Monday, August 19, 2013

MPM August 19-25

(This feels like forever ago.  That's my little guy half his lifetime ago in our Fort Irwin house)

Do you menu plan? 

The thought of having to come up with meals randomly from items I purchased at the grocery store half hazardly is terrifying.... crippling... Awful.  Get my point?  On the other hand, being locked in to a plan and having to cook things that sound gross that particular day has no appeal for me either.  I tried using cute pro tables that have daily, weekly, or monthly menu plans that look like calendars.  My husband got frustrated with the fact that I never made what was scheduled for each day.

 Having said that, I hope to consistently post my menu plan, in the format that works for us, each Monday.  I pick and choose based on what activities we have going that day (ie. crockpot dinners on days we are super busy) or whatever I really am hungry for.  ;-)

Breakfasts: all have a fruit option as a side
Toast and eggs
Breakfast burritos
Homemade granola and yogurt

Lunches: all have fruit and vegetable options as sides.
Spaghetti and meatballs
Chef salad

Dinners: I never list side dishes.  I try to keep a well stocked veggie option for sides.
Chicken taco salad
Swedish meatballs
Baked potato bar
Veggie burgers
Chicken fried rice