Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What is beautiful?

I have decor ADD.  

I can't stand to have my house the same for longer than 3 months.
I know I am not the only person who has this problem, right?  One of my besties and her mom have the same issue, so there are at least 3 of us in this big ole world with this issue.
Having the desire to change things constantly makes me reevaluate everything in my home constantly.  That is a good thing most of the time.  I still don't know what I want to do with my home.
When I first got married, I had no idea how to even keep a home.  We had hand-me-down furniture, an unholy amount of clutter, and everything I used for decor was country and Americana.  That is a perfectly fine style, but it didn't grow with me very long.  My home style remained the same for our first 4 homes.  I wanted to have a house that reflected me a bit more.  The clutter continued... {Anyone else come from a family that was terrified of minimalism?  If you know what I mean.  *wink wink*} but the style changed to reflect the current love of cottages, but the Americana remained.
  We lived in that home (in the desert) for 5 years.  That was when I realized how much I loved architecture and structure.  Living in rentals doesn't really lend itself to a lot of architectural change possibilities.  Things got more simple after another two moves into a beautiful big and awesome house!  I explored color and style more there than anywhere else.  My home was comfortable, less cluttered, and reflected not just me, but my whole family.  Another move, and I found myself in an awkward little house with broken furniture.  We started over thanks to Ikea.  Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out my style starting from scratch, so everything we bought from Ikea was black.  Almost everything in my home is black or white.   I know how weird that is for someone who really LOVES color.  The thing is.... I have a serious crippling case of color phobia.  What if I put the wrong color all over?  What if my house starts looking like a child's room, or some weird experiment?  What the heck is beautiful???

Do you understand how stressful that is???????

This year, I have decided to tackle this color issue.  I am realizing how important beautiful things are to me.  I know my idea of beautiful and yours might be very different, but it is the first time in my life, I am making sure to pay attention to the beauty around me.  It is a priority in my life to surround myself in my home with simple beautiful things... to give my children a beautiful childhood... to give my beloved husband a beautiful place of rest at the end of each day.
 My goal, for the month of June is to share with you some thoughts about beauty.  I will share my favorite art, my favorite quotes, my favorite people, and my favorite decor.  I can't wait to share some beauty that has touched my life with you.

I am looking forward to it!

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