Monday, June 2, 2014

Belonging is BEAUTIFUL

My children are all in Scouts.  We have completed a full year of Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts (Bear and Webelo), and Girl Scouts.  I don't always agree with the overseeing foundations they are a part of, but our local groups are great.  My children have all found success, challenges, and a place they belong in Scouts.  My husband and I had both participated in Scouts when we were younger.  In fact, our children are third generation Scouts, which is pretty cool.

It took a while to settle into our new troops and packs.  We got the boys all started in scouts as soon as we found out about the membership drive.  Josh and Matthew had done Cub Scouts back at Fort Irwin and loved it.  It seemed like the natural thing to plug the boys in here.  I like that Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts focus on teaching the boys how to be honorable, resourceful, and respectful men.  It places emphasis on duty to God, family, and country, which is something we believe is important.  It offers them opportunity to learn more about the world around them, discover new passions, and have fun with friends along the way.  It is a great way for boys to work through these age nine to teen awkward stages.  It helps us to find new and interesting ways to bond with our boys.

It took me longer to get Anah involved in Girl Scouts.  In general, I have been against her joining since she was young.  I had to look outside the box a bit.  I don't avoid voting or participating in civic opportunities because I don't agree with how our government is being run.  I don't boycott the government because I am pro-life.  Even though I don't agree with a lot of the stuff going on with the people running Girl Scouts, I can allow my daughter to participate in a troop that focuses on moral, fun, educational, and appropriate things.  I don't think we are doing anything terrible by selling cookies.  It isn't blood money.  It is my beautiful daughter having an opportunity to learn about running a business.  This year, she has thanked us EVERY SINGLE TIME she had a meeting or event.  This girl LOVES Girl Scouts.  She is finding success.  It is helping her learn to schedule and work through badges.  She has learned so many great skills already, I have no doubt she will be better off every year she participates.  She has found a place she feels like she belongs.


I love knowing my children feel like they are a part of something bigger.  They feel like they can make a difference.  They feel like they will be missed if they aren't able to attend.  They know that they are taking steps to make themselves better people.  I love that they have scouting friends.  It is a brotherhood and a sisterhood that they can carry anywhere we move.  It is a good thing.


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